A story of passion and commitment!

The 50s

Towards the middle of the 1950s, Mr Attilio Tosatto established the company that is known today as the Green Fruit. The company started out as a simple distributor of various fruit and vegetable products, but over time has grown into a specialist company in the fruit and vegetable sector that offers top quality products certified, today as IGP, such as Treviso Red Chicory, Variegated Chicory of Castelfranco and the best variety of cherries, strawberries and others, all supplied under the brand TOSATTO.

The 90s: Andrea e Chiara Tosatto

In the early 1990's Mr Tosatto's son, Andrea, and his wife Chiara joined the company. The company has grown, increasing the range of products and the area of exportation.

GreenFruit e Radicchio Tosatto today!

Thanks to solid and strong relationships with a network of selected producers located on the south, center and north of Italy, today GREENFRUIT is able to offer wide range of fruits and vegetables, packed according to different needs of customers.
GREEN FRUIT daily supplies the most important Italian and wholesale markets and makes two weekly departures for Germany, England, Ireland, Sweden, the United States and United Arab Emirates.