A choice of quality!

Green Fruit is perfect partner for customers and suppliers.

The continuous search for new market opportunities, development and the incentive for the production of typical products like brand new resource and the identification of customers with reliable and consistent, are chosen as a policy to ensure better use of the product to the supplier.

Accuracy and attention to the customer

Green Fruit always provides excellent customer service guaranteeing a product that is fresh, safe and healthy, with deliveries, however small, in Italy and abroad. Green Fruit is committed to continual improvement of the effectiveness of the system, the definition and review of objectives, all with systematic comparison of the constraints of a legislative nature

High quality

Green Fruit chooses for its customers products of the best quality in the market.

Typicality and territory

Green Fruit is committed to promoting brand products typical of our area raising awareness of markets to commercialize these products recognized at European level and supervised by qualified entities.