A real policy for quality!

Tradition, quality , promotion, innovation , precision and collaboration .

In the name of Tosatto's family .


Green Fruit is the story of a family that for more than half a century combines passion for the products of the earth, careful selection and distribution in the most important Italian and foreign tables. We select for our customers the higher quality products in the market, and we follow part of the production from the field.
We promote the typical products of the Veneto region, starting from the planning of work in the fields until the launch of innovative products, through the start up of new commercial channels and always with great attention to the environmental implications of the production steps.
Over the years we associated typical local products with other excellences of Italian market and some foreign specialities to satisfy the most demanding palates.
We operate always with qualified employees, continuously trained and conscious of their own role.
For this reason we developed a management system slender, clear, effective, oriented to the growth and security of human resources. Our environment motivates the dialogue between different professional figures and integration of the various areas of application (hygiene, safety for the product and the operator), striving towards optimization and improvement.
A safe and ethically correct environment is the continued commitment of the family Tosatto. All members continually focus on improving the effectiveness of the system with the definition and review of the processes and goals, always respecting the laws constraints.

We concentrate on offering the best service to every customer. We try to satisfy all kinds of needs, from the smallest quantity to the more difficult for large amounts, with customized packaging or everywhere on foreign locations.

Green Fruit, for its customers, corresponds to "Tosatto" brand, that means "Italian quality" in foreign markets.

The revival of the ancient brand of the family, the development of its own IGP production and the target of new certifications are the result of close collaborations with its suppliers; and this all to offer a product of high quality and that fully meets the expectations of the customer.

Every day we choose close cooperations between companies of the same industry to offer competitive services and competitive products; we create marketing cooperations and develop promotion plans difficult to reach individually.