Soft fruits

Product name: Soft fruits
Botanic name:
Strawberry (fam. Rosacee, Fragaria vesca)
Wild strawberry (fam. Rosacee, Fragaria ananassa)
Blueberry (fam. Ericacee, Vaccinium corymbosum)
Raspberry (fam. Rosacee, Rubus idaeus)
Bramble (fam. Rosacee, Rubus fruticosus)
Currant (fam. Saxifragacee, Ribes nigrum, rubrum, vulgare)
Gooseberry (fam. Saxifragacee, Ribes grossularia)
Josta (fam. Saxifragacee, Ribes nigridolaria)
Commerciale type
first range fruit, for human consuption

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