Red chicory late IGP of Treviso

Product name:Red chicory late IGP of Treviso
Botanic name: Chicorium intybus
Commerciale type:
first range vegetable, for human consuption
Organoleptic characteristics
dorsal rib of pleasantly bitter flavor and of crunchy consistency.
Tuft Weigth: about 100/250 gr.
Lenght: about 12/25 cm.
Taproot: max 6 cm.
Buds are large, extended, of good compactness, with leaves that tend to close the tuft in the apical zone, accompanied by a modest portion of the root (larger no more than 4 cm) and very clean.
Colour: Leaf blade on average of wine-red color with secondary veins barely visible, dorsal rib (prime rib) predominantly white (with slight shades of green).


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